The Company

Energifera is an Italian company based in Faenza. Since 2006 it has designed, produced and sold mini and micro-cogenerators with patented and proprietary equipments. Thanks to a considerable know-how developed in the fields of power electronics, automation and energy production, Energifera offers to its customers highly innovative cogenerators for energy efficiency.



Certified to ISO 9001:2008, Energifera uses proprietary and patented technology to design, manufacture and sell advanced electronic and thermo-mechanical products for the hybrid electrification and energy efficiency markets, through an optimal exploitation of renewable sources and in line with the new philosophy of distributed generation.

The flagship product is TEMA® (Total Energy MAnager), a patented multi-inverter electronic machine combined with a variable-speed thermo-electric generation section.
The latter is comprised of an Otto engine that drives an electric generator and a battery of heat exchangers to recover all the useful energy. Thanks to the electronic control and management section, which provides for fully automatic operation, the efficiency of thermal-electric generation is always optimal at any regulated working condition. As a result, total efficiency is always close to 90%. There are 5 models: TEMA ® 30, TEMA® 40, TEMA® 60, TEMA® 100 and TEMA® 120 with nominal electric capacity of 30 kW, 40 kW, 52 kW, 85kW e 105kW respectively (corresponding to a double value of thermal kW as useful hot water).

TEMA® is the innovative solution for cogeneration designed by Energifera to ensure:

  • energy saving and energy cost reduction;
  • energy efficiency through cogenerators;
  • energy autonomy and independence;
  • high performance in any operating mode;
  • production of thermal energy for sanitary purposes, heating and for processing;
  • immediate increase of electrical power;
  • reduction of polluting emissions;
  • emote monitoring and control;
  • possible integration with other renewable energy sources.

All this is offered by a single, compact, easy to install, integrated solution.

Constantly committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, Energifera is developing new products that will increase its involvement in the efficient exploitation of renewable energy sources and their effective and efficient integration with all traditional systems.


Combine creativity and innovation through the development of advanced cogeneration systems and optimized management of traditional and renewable energy sources.

Generate profits while improving the welfare of all people getting in contact with our team.
Promote the culture of democratic energy.

These are the core values around which Energifera is building its future.