Advanced Micro-Cogeneration

Micro-generation by Energifera: a resource for everyone

Until today, owing to a technological constraint of traditional cogeneration plants, including mini and micro models, the intrinsic benefits of cogeneration were exclusively accessible to big industries and consumers, i.e. users with very high minimum consumption levels.

As they have to run at fixed speed to ensure a 50 Hz voltage frequency, traditional cogenerators are not cost-effective when they deliver less than 70% of their nominal power, owing to the strong reduction of their electric efficiency.



TEMA® “A Gran turismo Sedan”

Inverter-driven Modulating Cogeneration

The main feature of TEMA® is its variable-speed multi-inverter operating mode that makes it really innovative and places TEMA® at the height of the energy efficiency sector, keeping its overall efficiency rate between 15% and 100% of its rated power, with a prompt response to any variation in energy consumption by the User.
Even in stand-alone systems, the Customer benefits from high quality energy equivalent to the one supplied by the grid, and in a single machine he is given:

  • high-efficiency cogeneration
  • uninterruptible power supply (class 3)
  • heavy-duty power generator
  • power factor correction


With TEMA® you can also schedule the duration of energy peak production up to 250 kW of electric power.


Therefore, micro-cogeneration by Energifera opens a new age characterized by a real energy democracy, providing everyone with the opportunity to produce electricity and heat independently, by exploiting largely available primary energy sources (natural gas, LPG or other fuels), to cut costs and to protect the environment.