Remote control

Remote control is included in the service to ensure an optimal support for maintenance.
TEMA® remote assistance is carried out using a specific PC-based application with WindowsTM operating system, able to manage the control unit of the plant. The high versatility of this application allows a quick and efficient setting and storage of all the parameters of the control unit, its remote monitoring and possible firmware update.

The application can also acquire, chart and record to file all parameters and values measured on the equipment.

Main features:

  • PC application in Windows environment
  • Local access through RS485 (MODBUS protocol)
  • Remote access through Ethernet connection or Modem (analog phone line or GSM)
  • Possibility to update the control unit firmware
  • Reading and editing all parameters of the control unit
  • Recording the trend of all control unit variables in the local memory, downloadable remotely
  • Remote diagnostics of the equipment to identify possible failure and malfunction causes and to take quick and accurate action
  • Possibility to have automatic notifications in case of failure to request action while minimizing reaction times
  • Management of planned maintenance intervals through the consistent monitoring of working hours