Tailor-made Technical Support

Energifera after-sales service is performed by highly-qualified staff that ensures to the customers the maximum optimization of their investment.
TEMA® and TEMA®FIX are provided with a control system supervision unit that captures, stores and manage all the data concerning the machines.
The remote diagnostics of possible anomalies is performed thanks to a specific software running both in desktop pc and in laptops and managing the control unit of the system.
To ensure optimal maintenance support, it is possible to manage the schedule of maintenance activities by monitoring plant operating hours and by measuring the achieved cost saving.



  • Full-service preventive support
  • Scheduling of all the activities (cyclicity of technical support availability)
  • The service covers all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities on electric and mechanical parts
  • All consumables (oils, glycol, filters, sparking plus) are supplied separately or included in an overall price
  • The working hours of the service are scheduled according to the customer’s needs (mixed priority and schedule)
  • Extraordinary maintenance interventions are performed by the manufacturer
  • Warranty of legal compliance
  • A capillary network of installation and after-sales services centres distributed throughout the national territory
  • Round-the-clock remote control system to control and monitor machine operation remotely, automatically alerting the service centre when preventive or extraordinary maintenance activities are required, with economic and operating benefits.