Tema® Range

TEMA® Range

Cogenerazione ibrida, modulante a inverter

The main characteristic of TEMA®, which makes it absolutely innovative and puts it at the top in terms of energy efficiency, is its variable speed operation delivering optimal electric efficiency from 10% to 110% of its rated power, instantly responding to any fluctuation in consumption and providing, even in off-grid mode, high quality energy equivalent to that of the power distribution grid.

TEMA® is available in five versions:

fueled with natural gas, LPG or other available fuels to achieve peak capacities up to 250 electric kW for programmable periods.


Plus Energifera Technology

  • Global Saving on Energy Costs

    “It is possible to save from 25% to 40% of current energy consumption, because energy production is regulated on the basis of the user’s energy demand”.

  • Energy Efficiency through Cogenerators

    “Flexibility through modulation allows our systems to achieve the highest efficiency levels and the best energy use conditions”.

  • Power Independence , Quality and Uninterruptible Supply

    “With TEMA® there are no black-out problems due to summer and winter power supply gaps by the power distribution grid thanks to its power generator and uninterruptible power supply functions”.

  • Production of Thermal Energy for Sanitary Purposes , Heating and for Processing

    “Thanks to the possibility to produce thermal power in a wide range of temperatures values, TEMA® can be used in many different fields”.

  • Immediate Increase of Electric Power

    “If the main grid does not supply the electric power you need, it is possible to get it immediately without any uncertainty about time requirements and costs”.

  • Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    “The production of 1000 kWh of electric power with TEMA® corresponds, in terms of reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, to creating 500 square meters of forests”.

  • Remote Monitoring and Control

    “Thanks to the remote control function of our systems, it is possible to check immediately the operating status of the machine and its power production as well as to support scheduling service activities”.

  • Integration with other Renewable Energy Sources

    “TEMA® technology can be combined with other renewable energy sources that can compensate for power supply discontinuity due to climate conditions”.