Products and Solutions

PRODOTTI-E-SOLUZIONIThe flagship product is TEMA® (Total Energy Manager), a patented multi-inverter mini-cogeneration electronic machine combined with a variable-speed thermo-electric generation unit.

Energifera product portfolio was increased in 2010 with a range of fixed-frequency cogenerators: TEMA® FIX. These cogenerators offer many flexibility advantages as they share with TEMA® the same electronic know-how and some features such as the remote Control Technology, as well as programmability and customization. We are more and more aware of the necessity to investigate and innovate in the field of low-environmental-impact distributed generation, the only winning strategy to adopt to supply energy respecting what surrounds us.

Always willing to innovate and satisfy the customer’s needs, Energifera constantly looks for new ideas for the future.

Energifera machines do not take too much room, they are noiseless, easy to install and powered by natural gas or LPG. They provide a dynamic and flexible solution for energy cogeneration and they ensure the best performance in all their different uses, allowing the customer to choose between modulating cogeneration.

Energifera products ensure:

  • definitely solve the blackout emergency
  • stabilize intermittent renewable sources to maximize the investment
  • reduce greenhouse emissions
  • dramatically cut costs to achieve ROI in two to six years on average

In one single unit, TEMA® also performs the following functions:

  • power factor correction
  • automatic heavy-duty power generating set